25 Horrible Drawings Of Celebrities

Lady Gaga

If Lady Gaga really wanted to make some shocking fashion choices she'd just get this masterpiece printed on a Hanes Beefy-T and wear it to the Grammys. "Look, I'm a Frankenstein in a neckbrace with words on my hooters!"

Whoopi Goldberg

So what inspires a budding artist to sit down with their Crayolas and say to themselves "Welp, time to draw Whoopi Goldberg as seen in Sister Act?" Is this one of those mail-away art school tests?

Kanye West

I don't want to be rude, but this drawing of Kanye West is not the greatest of all time. In fact, he looks like he's doing his best Brian Bosworth here.

Farrah Fawcett

The iconic poster of Farrah Fawcett in her red swimsuit adorned countless doors in the late 1970s, making her a sex symbol for the nation. And then this picture happened, and it ruptured the fabric of spacetime to revoke every past boner.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I love this drawing of the Governator in his glory days - dude took the time to lovingly render all of the veins popping in his arm but didn't seem to realize that the shoulder isn't made up of three overlapping bones, or that Arnold didn't take a tire iron to the face before making this pose.

Audrey Hepburn

So you're working on your portrait of Audrey Hepburn and there's just something missing. Her grace, her charm, her timeless beauty, you're just not capturing it. Solution? Lens flares.

Barack Obama

Shephard Fairey's iconic "Hope" image was the visual signifier of the Obama campaign. So naturally somebody tried to pay tribute to it by painting BHO as Rocky Dennis.

Beyonce Knowles

Here's a lovely drawing of Beyonce Knowles, poised and ready to eat your soul.

David Bowie

More like "Thin White Dookie," amirite?

Elton John

So apparently Elton John got into a fistfight with some go-gangers and knocked out a tooth. In the future. With a spiky mullet. These things happen.


One little-known aspect of the King's magnetism was that he had enormous, catlike eyes that could put any living being under a hypnotic trance if they failed their saving throw.

Felicia Day

The Guild's Felicia Day is a red-headed sex object for legions of nerds, but in the hands of this portrait artist she looks like Angela Lansbury eating her own skin.

Hugh Laurie

I gotta say, Dr. House looks about as bad as I feel after looking at 25 of these drawings. Maybe I need to check myself in for a nice long rest somewhere.

Jennifer Aniston

If you hadn't told me that this was a picture of Jennifer Aniston, I would have thought I was looking at a picture of an Indian burn victim and probably would have had my checkbook out for a donation.

Jessica Biel

"So here I am, working on this drawing of Jessica Biel for J/O purposes. Hmm... her face looks kind of like she's been on the bottom of a lake for a week, but I've got her tits blocked in so GOOD ENOUGH!"

Jim Morrison

So maybe the artist of this piece was trying to portray the Lizard King actually devolving into a more primitive state? I dunno. I just wish I hadn't already made a Rocky Dennis joke. Blew my wad too early.

Justin Bieber

Happy birthday, Aysia! Here's a horrible nightmare from Canada!

Lindsay Lohan

I would criticize this bizarre anime eyes huge titties Lindsay Lohan drawing, but really? The girl is such a mess you could probably fart on a piece of paper and it'd be a credible likeness.

Michael Jackson

Let's open up with the King of Pop, captured here seemingly mid-Thriller transformation or something. Only instead of turning into a werewolf, he's turning into Horschack from Welcome Back, Kotter. Or who's a modern skinny dude with a Jewfro? Jonah Hill's too fat. Let me know in the comments.

Owen Wilson

This drawing of Owen Wilson has me asking so many questions - first and foremost, when did he sign on to play a young Ozzy Osbourne? It is a mystery.

Pierce Brosnan

Even the second-worst Bond doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. He looks like he was carved out of marshmallows with a hot knife. Actually, that's kind of what Pierce Brosnan looks like now anyways, so maybe I need to reevaluate this one.

Robert DeNiro

Ladies and gentlemen, Robert DeNiro, one of our country's finest actors. Here you see him portraying a demented Oompa-Loompa who also manages to be an anti-Semitic sterotype somehow. Oscars for everybody!

Sylvester Stallone

Apparently this lovely painting of Sylvester Stallone was done post-Rocky getting the paste pounded out of him by Apollo Creed. The artist might have taken a couple shots too.

Tom Cruise

The thing about this drawing of Tom Cruise is, as demented and caveman-like as he appears in it, he somehow looks less crazy.

John Lennon

Continuing our run of horribly rendered rock & roll legends, apparently John Lennon was a dead ringer for Quasimodo. Or maybe this person's just drawing what she thinks he'll look like at 70. The world may never know.

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