These readers all committed to losing weight and achieved serious results! Discover the secrets behind some incredible transformations

She’s Nearly Half the Size She Used to Be
The year Alicia Hansen started high school, she began working for her mom’s catering business, which meant savory entrees and sugary desserts were constantly within reach. After ballooning to 250 pounds, she dropped almost half that by adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine.
 He Went from Flat to Flab and Back
Thomas Oelschlager reached 220 pounds while working a desk job in the Marine Corps Reserve. When he was deployed to Iraq, he made the commitment to get back in fighting shape and 7 months later he looks like a new man.
 Losing 63 Pounds Changed Her Life
Autumn Mastroianni wasn’t always so healthy. Her meals once consisted of carbs and fats, and few fruits or veggies. At 183 pounds, when she couldn’t find non-plus-size clothes to fit her 5’5” frame, she overhauled her diet and her life.
He Traded Burgers for Barbells
Brad Auger’s diet of beer, burgers, pizza, and Chinese takeout was good for his social life, but bad for his waistline. He lost 60 pounds by cleaning up his diet and working out six times a week and he’s happier now than ever.
She Started Running and Lost Big!
As a teen, Liz Pultar loved junk food and loathed exercise. By the time she graduated from college, she’d packed 212 pounds onto her 5’9” frame. Revamping her unhealthy diet and taking up running helped her lose more than 70 pounds.
He Went from Texas-Sized to Downsized
Long days spent eating through his shifts as a restaurant manager left Jason Hisaw at 277 pounds. After a career setback, he started exercising and making healthy food choices. Now he’s 90 pounds lighter and he’s going for his dream job!
She Burned Fat on Her Bike
Elizabeth Potter reached 255 pounds after having a baby, splitting up with her son’s father, and struggling with depression. She turned things around when she started riding. Now she’s 100 pounds lighter and feels better than ever.
He’s a Role Model for His Sons and Students
Fourth-grade teacher Rich Vittoria’s weight scared him (and his family), so he started planning healthy meals and committed to exercise. Now he’s down 120 pounds and teaching others how to take control of their weight.
Her Doctor Told Her to Get Healthy and She Did!
Once a slim high school tennis player, Jennifer Gilman packed 30 pounds onto her 5’4” frame during college, and her weight hovered in the 170s for the next eight years. On her doctor’s advice, Jennifer joined a gym and hired a trainer. Now she’s 55 pounds lighter!
He Kicked Back the Pounds
At 280 pounds, Medwin Mina couldn’t even fit in the seat of a roller coaster. Martial arts lessons and healthy eating habits helped him quit smoking and lose 127 pounds.

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