The whole world turned the countdown to Christmas and New Year. Cities of the world put the very best and dyeing each other. Let's look at Christmas decorations cities around the world.

Tree near the White House in Washington.
Tree at Rockefeller Center in New York.
Moscow. Mikhail Metzel
Winterberg, Germany. Julian Stratenschulte
Hong Kong. Ym Yik
Washington. Chip Somodevilla
London. Ian Gavan
Tokyo. Yuriko Nakao
Berlin. Markus Schreiber
Gelsenkirhen, Germany. Martin Meissner
Dortmund, Germany. Ina Fassbender
Frankfurt, Germany. Michael Probst
Tbilisi, Georgia. Shakh Aivazov
London, Westminster Abbey. Facundo Arrizabalaga
Warsaw, Poland. Radek Pietruszka
Palawan, Philippines. Romeo Ranoco
Unter den Linden, Berlin. Thomas Peter
New Year's parade in Beirut.

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