All you need to please the Tron fan in your life this holiday season.

Tron X-Box Controller
According to my mother the Xbox 360 is a confusing, highly complicated futuristic device. So, isn't it time it looked like one? With Tron Legacy coming to theaters, and Tron Evolution coming to your Xbox 360, this collector's edition controller has arrived just in time. Not only does it light up, it also features a glowing Tron logo. This way, everytime you look down at your controller you can remember just how awesome Tron is. Why not get it as a gift for the video game playin', Tron watchin' loved one in your life?
Sam Flynn Replica Suit
Let's face it, Sam Flynn is an imaginary character just like Batman, Spider-Man, and Sarah Palin (she has to be, right?). Still, this doesn't mean you can't dress up like him. Allow your imagination to run wild as you run wild in this heavy duty replica motorcyle suit. Or if you prefer wearing actual clothing (boring), why not get one as a gift! After all nothing says, "Hey, I know you are dangerously obsessed with Tron but I still love you" like a heavy duty replica motorcyle suit.

Tron Poses T-Shirt
Let's face it, aerobics can get kind of boring. Allow Tron to spice up your routine. Just follow these positions and poses on the t-shirt above and you'll look like exactly like your younger self in thirty years! How do you think Jeff Bridges did it?

Tron Legacy Light Cycle Launch Baton Replica
Do you know a Tron fan who has to collect every Tron-related gadget and gizmo that hits the market? Add one more to their list with this ultra-realistic and ultra-cool 15-inch Tron Legacy Light Cycle Launch Baton Replica. You'll smile with pride as your loved one displays this work of art on their mantle and then cower in shame as they try to spring an actual Light Cycle from it (although an awesome replica does fly out the handle). Either way, it makes for a great gift this holiday season!

Tron Polystone Statue
Standing 14-inches high this Tron Polystone Statue is as cool as it could possibly get, right? Wrong! Add some black light paint to the equation and you've got yourself a Tron gift that will make even the most jaded collector squeel with geeky glee.

Tron Poster
Ah, the Tron poster. It is simple yet evokes such strong emotions in the nerd community that you would think it was a sacred golden scribe. Luckily, for you dear shopper, it is merely paper which means it won't dig a great big hole in your pocket. As an affordable, yet satisfying, holiday gift this poster is tough to beat.

Tron Last Man Standing Paper Giclee Print
Who needs imitation Picassos when you can hang up one of these? This awesome looking giclée is based off of concept art from the original Tron film, and is limited to only 82 pieces. You won't only be giving a print as a gift, you'll be giving years and years worth of bragging rights. What is more special than that?

Tron Legacy Hero 1:50 Scale Diecast Toy Vehicle Exclusive 3 Pack
Want to introduce a child to the world of Tron? Start with this scale diecast toy vehicle 3-pack. It includes a Sam's Light Cycle, a Light Runner, and Kevin Flynn's Light Cycle and is available for only $25.99.

Quorra Couture Platform Sandal
Prove to your wife/girlfriend that your Tron fanaticism isn't purely selfish by giving her these $795 five-inch, high-heeled shoes this holiday season.

Tron Belt Buckles
Some fans will attend the midnight screening of Tron Legacy. Some fans will attend the midnight screening of Tron Legacy wearing this old-school Tron belt buckle. Please, for the holiday's sake, don't let your loved one be part of the first group. For only $38 you can spare them the shame.

Round Icon Earings

Has staying up all night wearing out your old Tron VHS put you in the dog house? Get out of it with ease with these $495 sterling silver Tron Round Icon earings.

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