Top 12 Mysterious Celebrity Urban Legends
Our apologies in advance, Mr. Gere. You seem like a nice guy. But we've heard this persistent, pesky rumor over the years. You know the one ... about a certain dramatic rodent incident? Everybody knows the PETA-unfriendly -- and surely untrue tale, so we'll spare the sordid details. Instead, let's investigate the origins of

12 other similarly infamous urban legends involving famous people.

12. Lady's a She-Male
11. Billion-Dollar Booty
10. Tween Queen has a Pop Tart in the Toaster
9. Church of Latter-day Saints Dogg
8. Pretty Polydactyl
7. Ye Ol' Rib Fib
6. A Star Is Porn
5. 2Pac 4-Eva
4. The Wonder Fears
3. No Wintour, No Cry
2. Militant Rogers
1. The Make-Believe Baby

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